H-2 for AVA Show

Hello guys, lama tak ngepost nih hehehe been busy lately huhuhuhu. well, sekarang hari Jumat tanggal 5 desember 2008, jam 6:18 AM. Gw hari ini berangkat ke Singapore buat opening live angels and airwaves di National University of Singapore. huhuhuhu it is like dream come true for me, like gw masih ga percaya aja smpe akhirnya kemaren udah dikirimin rundown sama promoternya, dan gw like wat the fuck? it is really happening. and this is the rundown:

Show : Angels & Airwaves
Venue : UCC
Date : 7th December 2008

0700 hrs : UCC Lighting Team Adjust Lights and etc
0730 hrs : UCC Build Stage Riser
0800 hrs : Load In Of Monitor Console and etc (CSP)
0900 hrs : Load In Of Local Backline (BMC)
0930 hrs : Touring crew depart hotel for venue
1000 hrs : Load in touring gear
1200 nn : Lunch
1300 hrs : Lighting Focusing
1500 hrs : Line Check
1600 hrs : Sound Check For Angels & Airwaves
1630 hrs : Opening Band Gears Load In Standby
1730 hrs : Set Up and Sound Check Of Opening Band
1845 hrs : Opening Band Sound Check Stop
1900 hrs : Doors Open*
2000 hrs : Opening act
2030 hrs : End Of Opening act
2100 hrs : Angels & Airwaves
2230 hrs : Show Ends and Strike

* - To be advise by Chris Georgging and Eddie Chng

THIS IS HAPPENING!! SHIT!! I CANT IMAGINE WAT IM GONNA THRU FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS! hahaha idola gw dari gw kecil, sekarang gw bisa sepanggung. mohon doanya ya semua, mohon doanya agar semuanya lancar dan baik2 aja, dan gw bisa bawa nama baik band gw, dan tentu saja bawa nama baik Indonesia. hehehhe well, gw harus siap2 nih soalnya gw berangkat ke Singapore naik kereta dari KL Central, and it takes 10 hours to go to singapore, walaa it's gonna be a long trip. well, catch you guys later at Singapore and i will tell you hows the things over there, wish us luck :) byeeeeee



I think of awhile ago
We might have had it all
I was so stupid then
You needed time to grow

But now just as things change
As well my feelings do
In time things rearrange
I am so sick of chasing you

But what do I get 'cause I just seem to lose
You make me regret those times I spent with you
And playing those games as I wait for your call
And now I give up, so goodbye and so long

It's not a change of pace
This time I'll get it right
It's not a change of taste
I was the one there last night

You have your other friends
They were there when you cried
Didn't mean to hurt you then
Best friends just won't leave your side

When I needed you most
When I needed a friend
You let me down now
Like I let you down then

So sorry, it's over